Erin as a Podcast Guest

Erin is available as a podcast guest for a range of topics, from the arts industry to queer life and beyond. A cheerful conversationalist, the last thing you will need to worry about with Erin as a guest is dead air.

If you’d like Erin to guest on your show, get in touch!

Podcast Guest Appearances

IPM creator and host Tess Cocchio interviews Lee and Erin of Passer Vulpes Productions about the Australian podcasting scene, especially as it pertains to audio fiction.


Lee and Ryan meet Erin (he/him) at his place in St Kilda. Erin is, among other things, writer and producer of the Love and Luck Podcast, Australia’s first LGBT audio drama podcast – which is keeping him pretty busy! He talks about growing up in Goulburn and Canberra, how he’s found home in Melbourne, his experiences of previously identifying as genderqueer, being consistently denied access to medical transition for many years, and reflects on how identity can be produced by external social pressures and constraints. Erin also talks about being polyamorous, how for him being trans, being disabled, and being fat are fundamentally intertwined, and the importance of keeping records and archives of trans experiences.

Transcript available here.

Wil and Gavin return to the world of discussing casting calls with the ever-wonderful Erin Kyan! Listen as we talk casting calls, inclusivity, and of course a few puns. A few magical puns.

Wil makes a public apology, we talk about trans representation in casting calls/fiction in general. This episode runs the gamut on emotions and is amazing (so says the totally unbiased description).

Amongst other things, Jeff interviews Erin Kyan, creator of the Love & Luck Podcast, about this unique romance that unfolds in a series of voice mails between Jason and Kane, two Australians who fall in love and discover they have some magic abilities.

In Always Here’s penultimate Pride episode, learn about a third figure from Stonewall: Latina transgender activist and revolutionist Sylvia Rivera. Plus, the round table is joined by Erin Kyan of the Love and Luck podcast!

Transcript available here.