Erin sitting at a microphone, with a piece of art behind him.

Erin has been performing original poetry and spoken word for live performance since 2012. His first steps onto the stage were with queer disabled performing group Quippings, where the fertile soil of inclusive and supportive space for emerging disabled artists let him grow into a solid and peaceful stage presence, from which he delivers thoughtful and heartfelt pieces.

Erin usually performs at least a couple of times per year, often at curated spoken word events at the Midsumma or Fringe festivals. His work often focuses on themes of vulnerability, courage, pain and desire, and he frequently opens up himself and his experiences to the audience for their viewing and connection.

If you would like Erin to perform at your event, get in touch.

Please note that if you are seeking an original piece, something to be written and performed exclusively for your event, Erin will need at least two months notice to make sure he can give the work the attention to detail it deserves.